Teimlo Llais (feeling voice)

black_quilt-resizedThis is a women’s art project of sound and touch – suitable for visually impaired people. It is exhibiting in Cardiff in April and in Cardigan in September.

It developed out of a research project in 2016 called Llais Menywod (women’s voice) when we discovered a technology to activate sound through touch called Bare Conductive.

I would be really grateful for an interest in participating or giving me feedback.

Mae’n brosiect celf ar gyfer menywod am gyffwrdd a sain – addas i bobl nam golwg. Bydd e’n arddangos yng Nghaerdydd ym mis Ebrill ac yn Aberteifi ym mis Medi.

Mae wedi datblygu o’r prosiect ymchwil yn 2016 o’r enw Llais Menywod pan yn ni wedi darganfod technoleg i actifadu sain trwy’r gyffwrdd o’r enw Bare Conductive.

Bydda i’n ddiolchgar iawn os unrhywun cael diddordeb yn rhannu neu roi fi adborth.


penny d jones

[email protected]


textured quilt/ clytwaith gwead