Get Creative Festival 2019

What is Get Creative?

Get Creative Festival shines a light on all the great cultural activity that takes place on a regular basis in local communities and encourages people to try their hand at something new and creative. This huge annual celebration of creativity aims to give everyone the chance to get actively involved in a creative event in their local area.

From Saturday 11th – Sunday 19th May 2019 hundreds of organisations and community groups will be putting on events to help you get creative – and they’re free or have just a small fee to cover costs. We had over 1,400 events during our 2018 festival and we’re excited about growing the numbers in 2019 to celebrate and showcase creativity in every community.

Get Creative Festival is brought to you by arts and creative organisations and individuals across the UK and is supported by 64 Million Artists, Arts Council England, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Arts Council of Wales, the BBC, Crafts Council, Creative People and Places, Creative Scotland, Family Arts Campaign, Libraries Connected, Local Government Association, Scottish Libraries & Information Council, Voluntary Arts, and What Next?

Want to get a head start on planning your event? See our event planning toolkit for 2019 which has lots of useful tips. For more information contact

GwylGrai /RawFfest – Ticket Offer

Limited Offer – Free Tickets for RawFfest

RawFfest at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff 25th – 28th April 2019

£20 weekend, £10 day and evening, £5 day

With more than 80 different events over 4 days we think our festival is great value.

But if price is a barrier for you, we can offer FREE tickets, thanks to all the generous crowdfunding supporters


If cost is a barrier for you, or the young people you represent, please apply for a free ticket using this form

The sorts of things that make you eligible:

  • coming from a low-income household
  • having a disability
  • living in a former Communities First area
  • being a young carer

The form is easy to complete and asks for minimal details.

Deadline : The funding pot is limited and we will consider each application as it comes in until the whole pot is finished –  so the sooner you apply, the better.

VERVE – New Dance

VERVE | Mixed Bill – Cardiff

Saturday 11 May, 7:30 PM, £12/£8

Dance House, Cardiff Bay

Adventurous. Athletic. Absorbing. In 2019 VERVE presents an ambitious programme of bold new dance work created by internationally-acclaimed and award-winning choreographers Joan Clevillé (Catalonia), Maxine Doyle (UK) and Ben Wright (UK), alongside a restaging of ‘Shutdown’ by Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof (Israel).

Experience an evening of physically charged and refreshingly original dance, performed by dance artists on the cusp of their professional careers. See where dance is right now, and where it may go next.

The company comprises thirteen exceptional dancers, trained at some of the world’s leading conservatories. This year, as well as dancers from the UK, VERVE includes dancers from Chile, Italy, Portugal, Singapore, and Uruguay, creating a truly international dance company.

VERVE is the postgraduate company of Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) and is led by Artistic Director Matthew Robinson.

This year’s programme:

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Watch the trailer:

 “captivating, superbly energetic” The State of the Arts

Art Studio01 Shrewsbury

New Ways Exhibition

April 10th – 27th 

11:00am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday


Wheelchair Accessible

Participate Contemporary Artspace,

32-34 Riverside, Raven Meadows, Shrewsbury, SY1 1PJ

New Ways presents the beginning of a new era for ArtStudio01, co-curated by Director Tanya Raabe-Webber and Producer Jennifer Gilbert. In January 2018 Tanya was awarded an ACE funded R&D looking into Learning Disability art studios and best practice. Through a series of visits Tanya learnt about new ways of working. This exhibition showcases how this research has begun to change the lives and working practices of ArtStudio01and its artists.

Alongside the exhibition, Cameron Morgan from Project Ability in Glasgow will be Artist in Residence with ArtStudio01. This year also saw artists Joshua Henderson and Veronica Watson from Blue Room in Liverpool and Sarah Watson from Figment Arts in Brighton, being mentored by Tanya.

Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Human Rights

Fly the Flag

On 10 December 2018 with Ai Weiwei’s help, lead partner Fuel Theatre unveiled a flag as a symbol for universal human rights. Throughout the week of 24 to 30 June 2019, arts organisations will lead public moments to ‘Fly The Flag’ for human rights. There will be physical flags to fly, but there might also be performative and/or participatory ways you could think of to join in this movement, as well as ways to ‘Fly The Flag’ online. We would love you to join us and be part of this.


The project was born out of the realisation that today many people in the UK don’t know what their human rights are, and we risk forgetting them at our peril. So far, more than 100 organisations have signed up to support the project. Just doing what you do as an arts and cultural organisation is an embodiment of Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ‘Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts…’


We are now reaching out to colleagues across the UK to ask: will you become an Advocate and Fly The Flag for Human Rights?


This means you would:

  • Commit to flying the flag between 24 – 30 June 2019 – in any way that feels right to you and your community.  You are free to interpret this in any way that excites you, although we’d encourage you to Fly The Flag in as publicly-visible a way as possible.  There will be physical flags you can fly, but there might other ways you could Fly The Flag.  Just doing what you do as an arts and cultural organisation is an embodiment of Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ‘Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts…’
  • Share your activity and Fly The Flag online – we’ll provide the social media tools to help you make an impact.  
  • Help us spread the word – as a sector support organisation you can help the project to reach the artists, organisations and individuals you work with, and to invite them to Fly The Flag.  Please extend this invitation to your networks and contact us at if you would like any content for newsletters, blogs or other platforms.


We have raised the funds to: commission the main artwork; provide free education materials for schools and communities; co-ordinate the week; and provide the PR and marketing support to make it all fly. There isn’t, however, a centralised budget to help you realise your own Fly The Flag contribution. So we invite you to let your imaginations run wild and interpret this idea in any way that suits your organisation, budget and capacity.


Sign up your organisation as an Advocate by emailing and telling us how you will Fly The Flag. The Advocates list is updated monthly, and you will receive a monthly project update.


If you would like to become more involved in the project as a Co-Commissioner please email us with ‘Co-Commissioner enquiry’ in the subject line. Co-commissioners invest in the core project budget, commit to significant Fly The Flag activity and influence the development of the project and its legacy.

For more information please visit:

The Big MaDCaff Project is happening

MaDCaff is going National, and we want you to get involved

We are very pleased to announce that our MaDCaff project, which has been running successfully in and around Ceredigion for 5 years, is about to go National with the help of funding from the WCVA’s Volunteering in Wales grant. 

MaDCaff is a pop-up café style open mic event showcasing the musical talents of people affected by mental illness. It was set up in response to the difficulty that many very talented musicians, dancers, poets, performers who have personal experience of mental illness face in trying to get an audience for their work. The music business, venues and organisations don’t always respond well when a performer pulls out at the last minute because their anxiety has become overwhelming. We decided on the open mic as a pressure free opportunity, nobody is named in advance publicity so there’s no pressure to attend or play, it’s totally up to how they feel on the day.

This project will see 7 new MaDCaff groups forming, all around Wales, with two new groups in the North West, North East and South and one extra group in West/ Central Wales. Each of the 7 new groups will put on 4 MaDCaff  events between now and 31/03/2020. Volunteers will have some amazing training opportunities available to them and each group will be supported by one of our Regional Officers with the aim of ultimately becoming self-sustaining as we have done in Ceredigion.


If you are interested in signing up as a volunteer or are interested in the performance opportunities or have a good, accessible venue in mind please get in touch and we will direct you to your nearest DAC Regional Officer. Email or call 02920 551040

Here’s the Big Announcement that went out on Facebook last week, listen to find out more about MaDCaff and the volunteers posts that we will be looking to fill.

The Big Announcement

Posted by MaDCaff on Wednesday, 3 April 2019

MaDCaff is funded by Volunteering in wales funding from WCVA, and has been supported by Disability Arts Cymru from the beginning 

RawFest is Back – 25-28 April

Wales’ only youth-led festival takes centre stage in Cardiff

RawFfest 25 – 28 April 2019

Created in 2016, RawFfest is a 4-day youth arts festival for Walestaking place in Wales Millennium Centre from 25 April – 28 April 2019. A fun and innovative festival, RawFfest is planned and programmed by young people for young people and offers an experience of the arts in its richest and rawest form.

The aim of the festival is to promote and support work from young artists and performers aged 14 to 25 by showcasing the best of youth arts today whilst providing pathways for young participants to develop. This includes involving young people from ethnic minorities, young people with disabilities, and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. RawFfest’sprogramme includes performances and workshops of fashion, photography, circus, street dance, rap, music, poetry slams, TV, radio, film, comics, theatre and a whole lot more.

All performances and exhibitions taking place at RawFfestwill be by young people (aged 14 – 25), with many masterclasses and workshops led by experts, emerging artists and some by young people themselves.

The festival is programmed by ‘PlaceMakers’, a team made up of a dozen diverse young people from a broad range of backgrounds who curate, plan, produce, event manage, fundraise, budget and market the festival each year. One of the festival’s goals isto empower young people by giving them a voice. It allows them to build on their self-confidence as well as leadership skills. It empowers young people and gives them a feeling that they are being heard, whatever their age or abilities. The opportunities and challenges the PlaceMakers face as part of creating a festival is an chance to build their skills in a positive collaborative environment.

Guiding the PlaceMakers is RawFfest’s Director, Ruth Garnault who said “The festival celebrates the amazing creativity of young people in Wales today. We are delighted to be presenting such a wide range of exciting activity. What makes RawFfest unique as a national festival is that young people are in the driving seat. For Wales to thrive, we think it’s important that young people’s voices are heard.”

The festival is training the next generation of arts leaders. Gweni Llwyd, who is a PlaceMaker and Visual Art Co-ordinator Intern with the festival said “Working with the festival has provided a fantastic opportunity for me to develop the skills and confidence needed to get a foot on the arts career ladder. It’s also been a great way to meet and get to know like-minded, brilliantly creative and inspirational people! It’s so important that the festival is youth-led as it gives young people a voice, allowing us to speak about the issues that young people are facing now, and how the arts can help. This has empowered me to feel that what I’m doing is important and that I can make a difference to the arts in Wales and further afield.”

The festival grew from a youth arts conference which resulted in young people expressing the need for an arts festival to champion the work of their generation. In 2016 RawFfestwas born with an inaugural festival in Newport, South Wales. The festival then travelled to Venue Cymru Llandudno in 2017.

This year RawFfest, which will take place on 25 – 28 April 2019, will visit the Welsh capital for the first time.

Tickets for RawFfest are now on sale.  Tickets cost £5 for the day, £10 for the day and evening, plus some weekend tickets at £20. Although RawFfestis aimed at young people, 14 – 25 years, it welcomes audience members of all ages through its doors throughout the long weekend.

Visit for more info and booking.

Altered Ego Project

Altered Ego Exhibition 

Here at DAC we have been looking forward to the culmination of this brilliant project for some time, do hope you will be able to join us at the launch event on Thursday 18th April at 2.30pm

To accompany the exhibition opening, there will be a panel discussion which will explore the artworks, the ideas and issues raised by the project.  It will include presentations by the Altered Ego artists and discussions with invited speakers.

We hope you will be able to join us in the beautiful surroundings of Insole Court for an enjoyable and fascinating event.

Preview Showing:

Insole Court Potting Shed Cafe Gallery, Llandaff
13th – 18th April 2019

Main Exhibition:

Insole Court House, Llandaff
18th – 28th April 2019

Opening & Presentation Event:

Insole Court, Llandaff
Thursday 18th April 2019 from 2.30pm to 8pm

Lord Spittleash has grudgingly opened the gates of his stately home at Insole Court to a cast of hopefuls, chancers, celebrities and spies.  Through photography, film, painting, sculpture, sound and live art, Altered Ego explores ideas of who we think we really are and how we present this to the outside world.  It explores our alter egos: our self-presentation in the world, our differing identities for different contexts, and those ‘normal’ parts of human behaviour that are often heightened by disability or circumstance.

The project is predicated on the notion that we all create a sense of self and identity, and that we all constantly recreate and evolve our identities in different situations. These alter egos are often not too far away from your own actual personality; giving confidence to explore parts of yourself that you might otherwise feel unable to. They create a psychological space in which you might embody somebody ‘different’ to your everyday self..

Altered Ego seeks to develop a model for addressing issues that are directly rooted in the experience of disability, yet which apply across wider society: the degrees to which we adapt ourselves to fit preconditioned attitudes and perceptions. Through a series of creative experiments, we examine the ways in which we all present ourselves with varying degrees of veracity, accuracy and even mendacity.

Altered Ego features a group of disabled and non-disabled artists, actors, writers and musicians: Sara Christova, William Craig, Paul Leyland, Zosia Krasnowolska, Rachael Smith, Rosie Swan, Kate Woodward and David Sinden.  We gave them the tools to create new identities, ranging from… Adam lane, a teen idol popstar gone to ground; to Lord Spittleash, a playboy Baron, spy and aristocrat, and his faithful butler Wallace; Lily-May, a haunted transnational singer; Slim Monroe, a washed up cowhand; Cardamon Jones, a mysterious agent hunting rare animal smugglers; Lord Spittleash’s niece, 80s pop sensation Lulu Goodridge; Blair Maddox, troubled teen and trouble itself; and Banks, Lord Spittleash’s head gardener, convinced that the world will come crashing down…  

Altered Ego will be shown as part of the Diffusion 2019 festival programme at Insole Court in Llandaff from 13th to 28th April accompanied by a discussion event organised in conjunction with Disability Arts Cymru, Cardiff School of Art & Design and the Creative Writing Centre at Bath Spa University. It will feature a public exhibition of new image-based and mixed media, standalone and site-specific artworks presenting the Altered Ego identities throughout the Insole Court house and grounds. In the lead up to the exhibition in the main house, an exhibition of works by the Altered Ego artists will also be shown in the The Potting Shed gallery and cafe at Insole Court from 13th to 18th April.  

The Altered Ego opening and presentation evening will explore the issues that the project raises in a discussion event with the exhibiting artists and some invited speakers.  They will explore the identity creation process and its impact on their creative practise, and reflect on wider issues around disability, identity and creativity.

Altered Ego is funded by The Arts Council of Wales and Diffusion.  It is a partnership between Ffotogallery, the Diffusion 2019 international photography festival, MADE gallery, Disability Arts Cymru, Cardiff School of Art & Design, the TRACE Writing Centre at Bath Spa University, Insole Court and the artists.

Learning Disability Wales

Depression, anxiety and people with a learning disability

22 May in Swansea

This training looks at how to support someone with a learning disability to understand these conditions. We will take a detailed look at these common mental health issues and most importantly, the best ways to treat them and stay well.

Course includes:

  • What is depression and anxiety?
  • How does it affect the mind and body?
  • How can depression and anxiety affect someone with a learning disability?
  • How do we recognise depression and anxiety in others
  • How to help someone with a learning disability understand depression and anxiety
  • Ways of treating depression and anxiety and how to stay well.

This course is for anyone wanting a better understanding of depression and anxiety and is particularly relevant to people supporting someone with a learning disability.

For more information or to book your place, please click on the link below.

Click here to see more information

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email Inacia Rodrigues or phone 02920 681174.


Book a place here