Sherman Theatre


23rd November – 29th December


Captioned Performance Saturday 15th December 2pm

Audio Described Performances Saturday 22nd December 2pm and 7pm

Follow Alice down the rabbit hole this Christmas to meet all of your favourite characters. Catch up with the White Rabbit (he’s still running late) or join the Mad Hatter for tea; just mind the Queen of Hearts doesn’t see you or it will be “off with your head”!

Sherman Theatre’s Main House Christmas shows are one of Cardiff’s essential seasonal treats. A talented cast of actor-musicians, stunning sets and costumes, and (tea)pots of fun combine to bring this much-loved classic to life. Join Alice for a curious adventure that you will remember for a lifetime.

Tickets are selling fast!

£16 – £26 
Concessions: £2 off 
Under 25: Half price 
Schools Earlybird: £7.50 (before 28 Sept) 
Schools Price £8 (1 teacher per 10 pupils goes free)


For details and tickets please go here

Box office – 029 2064 6900


CF24 4YE



DAC Poetry Competition – don’t forget to send in your entries

Just a reminder that the closing date for entries to this competition is 21st January 2019

This year we are grateful for the support of Literature Wales which has enabled us to offer the winning poet the opportunity to attend one of their courses.  View the courses available

Send your entries by email to;

Post to us at Sbectrwm, Bwlch Road, Fairwater Cardiff CF5 3EF

Or you can fill out the “Entry Form” form quickly and securely on Airtable

Entry details here





Duration  of  residency: Spring  2019  –  Summer  2020

Closing  Date  for  Applications:  by  5pm,  20  January  2019

Interviews: 30  January  2019

About  The  Programme:     

DASH,  Arnolfini,  Middlesbrough  Institute  of  Modern  art  (MIMA)  and  Midlands  Art  Centre  (MAC)  are   working together  on  a  three-­year  programme  of  curatorial  commissions  providing  individual  residencies   for  three artists/curators  who  identify  as  Disabled  people.  

During the twelve month residency the successful candidate will receive mentoring support and work shadowing, working towards developing and delivering an agreed curatorial project right in the heart of MAC. The successful applicant will be offered:

  • Curator’s fee fixed at £12,000 
  • Curator’s expenses a maximum of £5,000 
  • £8,000 towards exhibition costs

For further information and details of how to apply:

DASH  has  been  working  with  galleries  and  arts  centres  in  England  and  Wales  since  2009  creating   opportunities  for  Deaf  and  Disabled  artists  to  exhibit  and  curate.  These  opportunities  have  significantly   advanced  the  careers  of  more  than  15  Deaf  and  Disabled  artists,  and  have  influenced  and  changed  the   thinking  of  a  number  of  key  people  in  these  galleries.      

However,  DASH  asserts  that  further  deep-­‐rooted  cultural  changes  must  be  made  within  the  visual  arts   sector  in  order  for  it  to  become  a  more  inclusive  and  accessible  artform.      

One  part  of  effecting  this  change  is  by  placing  Deaf  and  Disabled  people  in  positions  of  influence  within  the   visual  arts,  to  influence  change  from  within.  The  long-­‐term  aim  of  the  programme  is  to  support  the   development  of  Deaf  and  Disabled  curators,  so  they  can  become  the  directors/curators/programmers  of   the  future.    

The  curatorial  opportunities  at  MIMA  and  Arnolfini  (dates  to  be  confirmed)  will  be  announced  in  January   19,  interviews  in  April  19  and  the  curators  will  start  in  September  19.    

The  Role  

How  would  you  respond  to  the  challenge  of  curating  within  the  context  of  a  multi-­‐disciplinary  arts  centre?     Midlands  Arts  Centre  (MAC)  has  teamed  up  with  DASH  to  offer  a  unique  curatorial  residency  programme   for  an  artist/curator  who  self  identifies  as  a  Deaf  or  Disabled  person.    

The  Curatorial  Commission  Project,  the  first  of  its  kind  in  the  UK,  will  give  the  successful  candidate  the   opportunity  to  draw  upon  the  expertise  and  mentoring  of  specialist  curators  across  the  whole  of  MAC’s   artistic  spectrum.  The  successful  candidate  will  experience  the  day-­‐to-­‐day  business  of  running  a  creative   programme,  opportunity  to  contribute  to  the  development  of  a  dynamic  arts  organization  and  curate  a   major  public  exhibition.    

If  you  think  the  Curatorial  Commission  Project  sounds  exciting,  it  is.        

Recent  MAC  curated  seasons  of  work  such  as  ‘Women  &  Protest’  and  ‘Beyond  Windrush’  have  exhibited   major  new  commissioned  exhibitions,  alongside  performances,  music,  spoken  word,  film,  events  and   seminars  within  an  interwoven  disciplinary  structure  with  the  visual  arts  at  their  heart,  providing  a  holistic   visitor  experience.  

 If  you  think  you  have  compelling  ideas  that  can  be  developed  through  the  Curatorial  Commissions  Project   and  touch  peoples  lives,  whilst  MAC  and  DASH  support  you  to  develop  your  artistic  career  and  ideas,  we   want  to  hear  from  you.    

The  Package  

The  successful  candidate  will  be  expected  to  spend  a  minimum  of  one  working  week  a  month  at  MAC  throughout  the duration  of  the  residency  but  there  is  recognition  that  the  structure  of  this  will  be  as   flexible  as  possible.    

Divided  into  three  parts  the  Curatorial  Resident  will  spend  at  least:

  • 3  months  learning  about  the  practices  of  working  as  a  curator  within  MAC  
  • 3  months  developing  and  working  up  ideas  under  the  mentorship  of  Jessica  Litherland;  Producer  –   Visual  Arts  at  MAC  
  • 6  months  developing  and  delivering  an  agreed  curatorial  project  at  MAC

Both  MAC  and  DASH  are  committed  to  giving  the  highest  possible  training  opportunities,  support  and   professional development  pathways  within  the  Curatorial  Commissions  Project.     

The  successful  applicant  will  be  offered: 

  • Curator’s  fee  fixed  at  £12,000   
  • Curator’s  expenses  a  maximum  of  £5,000   
  • £8,000  towards  exhibition  costs   
  • A  minimum  of  5  days  a  month  based  at  MAC   
  • A  bespoke  curatorial  career  development  pathway  that  uses  your  talents  and  ideas  to  take  you   where  you  want  to  go  with  support  from  MAC  and  DASH     
  • The  opportunity  to  work  alongside  Deaf  and  Disabled  young  people’s  creative  projects  and  to  help   shape  the  overall  MAC  creative  programme  linked  to  the  residency  exhibition  
  • Access  requirements  will  be  supported  
  • Developing  and  supporting  fund  raising  skills  and  opportunities  throughout  the  residency  and   beyond  
  • The  creation  of  a  professional  portfolio    

What  The  Curatorial  Commission  Project  expects  of  the  successful  applicant  

The  Curatorial  Commissions  Project  exists  to  create  the  next  generation  of  incredible  curators  with  passion   and  talent at  their  core  –  these  are  the  driving  forces  behind  success  regardless  of  your  pathway  to  the   visual  arts.  

How  to  apply  

With  that  in  mind  there  is  no  insistence  on  applicants  having  followed  a  structured  academic  path  but   instead,  a  need  to  see  demonstrable  engagement  and  an  existing  body  of  work  that  showcases  that   passion  and  talent.   In  your  application  we  will  expect  to  see  a  proposal  that  shows:

  • A  commitment  to  5  days  per  month  on  site  at  MAC  in  Birmingham   
  • A  willingness  to  work  with  people  to  develop  skills  that  allow  you  to  be  the  conduit  between  artist   and  audience
  • Resilience  and  great  team  working  spirit
  • A  full  CV  or  equivalent   
  • Demonstration  of  your  current  and  previous  artistic  engagement,  exhibitions  or  work   

Maximum  of  4  sides  A4  in  your  proposal.  We  will  accept  applications  in  all  accessible  formats  including   audio  and video.    

Please  send  your  application  to:   Jessica  Litherland  (Visual  Arts  Producer  MAC)


For  more  information  contact  Jessica  Litherland  and/or Mike  Layward  (DASH  Artistic  Director)  




Glynn Vivian Gallery

Feeling Festive at Glyn Vivian

Book now for our Weekend Adult Workshop on 15 December, 10:00-13:00, for an Uncanny Creatures: Christmas decoration workshop. Exploring Christmas traditions from across the globe, using clay to create groups of Christmas creatures including Christmas elves and the Austrian Krampus. Booking essential. Tickets £5. All materials provided. Age 16+

Drop in to our Saturday Workshop with the Gallery Art Trolley on 15 December, 10:30-13:00. Join artist Pam Mayford to make festive willow wreaths and Christmas crafts. For all ages, drop in. All materials provided. Everyone welcome. No booking required.

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Alexandra Road, Swansea SA1 5DZ.

Visit for all Glynn Vivian information

National Theatre Wales

Radical Creatures

In a new initiative called Radical Creatures, NTW are inviting Welsh women artists to submit extraordinary, original ideas that explore what it means to be a woman in Wales today.

Shortlisted artists will be paired with industry professionals who will mentor them to help them develop their proposal. The winning idea will then become a fully-staged production in 2020, as part of NTW’s 10th birthday season.

The closing date for submissions is noon on Friday 18th January 2019. Following a mentoring and interview process in February, the winning submission commissioned for the 2020 season will be announced in March 2019.

Full details of the submission process, including timeline, eligibility criteria and terms & conditions, can be found at the link below





Fio makes fearless theatre, work that tears down stereotypes and challenges injustice’. We are based in Splott but work across Cardiff, Wales, the UK and Internationally!

We want to establish a new group in Splott, a company of young actors/ performers who create high-quality theatrical productions which will tour across Cardiff and beyond.

Our first show is Bertolt Brecht’s Fear and Misery of the 3rd Reich.  The piece explores the rise of the Nazis and the failure of everyday Germans to oppose them.  This will provide a way for us to explore the current state of play in the UK and explore the rise of the far-right and other extreme political ideologies.

We want to offer local young people a chance to be in this next show and become the founding members of our long-term Fio-Futures Company.  

In order to do this, we are offering free taster workshops for youth groups, local secondary schools and any other local groups, in order for them to meet us and vice versa and get a sense of our work.  

Dates for taster workshops are:


10th 11th 12th 13th / 14th

17th/ 19th/ 20th/ 21st 

Regular weekly sessions on Thursday at Eastmoors or Splott Old Library from Mid Jan.

The project will continue until the Easter Holidays- the young people will then perform at:

Splott (Eastmoors or Old Library TBC)

Willows High School (TBC) 

RawFfest (National Youth Arts Festival at Wales Millennium Centre

This project is completely free and the young people will be working with high-quality practitioners, Fio’s artistic director Abdul Shayek (former associate with National Theatre Wales, has worked with the RSC, National and Almeida), to Nicole May, a poet and freelance theatre practitioner, someone who has worked across the world  and most recently was the BBC Poet for the North East:  

We really want every young person aged between 12-19 in Cardiff to have the opportunity to at least know about this project, therefore any help with promoting and getting the word out would be much appreciated.

Unit 17 , Freemans Parc, Penarth Road, Cardiff CF11 8EQ

Join the conversation and start your story at:

Like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter

Meg Kingston

Script Reading

This is acting the disability way. Readers do not have to remember lines or move around the stage and can be seated throughout – we’ll even provide the chairs. All you have to do is read the script aloud, with a bit of emotion. I want to demonstrate that being disabled doesn’t mean we’re useless. I can still write, who’s up for a bit of performance reading?

The plays were written for Radio 4 (30 ~ 45 mins), considered for broadcast, but (frustratingly) not used because something already in production has a similar theme. We’ll also include a few short pieces, to vary the pace a bit. The subjects vary from Archaeologists to a flight to Mars and all stations in between.

We’ll perform in Cardiff on Saturday 08/06/19, so you need to be there on 7th (rehearsals) and 8th. Cuppas, fruit and lunches provided. Tickets will be on sale (cheap) beforehand and on the door, raising MS Society funds. We’ll also be recording to produce professional-grade CDs afterwards.

Casting is really simple. Ages are approximate and accent rarely matters, just tell me how you sound! If you want to play a part (or parts), please contact me on Facebook ( and say who you’re interested in. Friends / family members welcome.


Brandon             Male, mid 30s (Longer, quite demanding)

Cassie                 Female, late 40s (A Hospital Patient, Longer)

Donna                 Female, early 40s (A Manager, Longer)

Ellie                     Female, mid 40s (Longer)

Emily                   Female, 12 (Longer, quite demanding)

Gill                       Female, youngish (Shorter)

Jess                      Female, 19ish (Longer)

Krista                   Female, 30s (A Nurse, Longer)

Kurt                     Male, middle-aged (Shorter)

Liane                   Female, late 20s (Longer)

Natalie                Female, 20s (Longer)

Paul                     Male, late 40s (Longer)

Sarah                  Female, 21 (Longer)

Sophie                Female, 20ish, working class Manchester accent (Monologue)

Understudy       Female, reserve bench / gopher

Understudy       Male, reserve bench / gopher

Wales Millennium Centre

Le Gateau Chocolat


Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre

18th to 22nd December, at 8pm

Tickets: £12

Opera and lycra loving cabaret sensation Le Gateau Chocolat storms into the Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre with his latest work, Icons, between 18th and 22nd December.

The audio described performance is on Friday 21st December at 8pm, with a free pre show touch tour at 7pm.

My name is Alastair and I will be your audio describer. The place to meet for the touch tour is the Meeting Point in the foyer of the Wales Millennium Centre, a few minutes before 7 o’clock. The touch tour will help set the scene for what is sure to be a sensational evenings entertainment.

Walking the tightrope between his public and private personas, Le Gateau Chocolat explores the people, the moments, the relationships and the art that have come to shape us and the ideals we aspire to. 

Accompanied by a live band, Gateau unashamedly weaves through an eclectic mix of music; Pop, Opera, Rock, Kate Bush, Whitney, Meatloaf, Pavarotti…

Investigating his own objects of worship through the songs and music of his own personal icons.

“His voice is both delicate and gloriously meteorological, his ceiling-lifting baritone, rich and silky as a Lindor Truffle and resonant as a bell.” The Stage

To book tickets and a place on the touch tour, you can contact the Box Office on 029 2063 6464 or visit the Wales Millennium Centre website, You can also book your tickets in person. More information about how to get to the Wales Millennium Centre is available on the website.

Thanks to the Hynt scheme, there is the opportunity to access free tickets for carers and companions.

Hynt is a national access scheme working with a network of theatres and arts centres across Wales. As a member of Hynt, Wales Millennium Centre offers cardholders a free ticket for their companion, carer or personal assistant. You can apply to be a member on the Hynt website,

You can book your tickets in person or over the phone, giving your unique Hynt reference number upon booking.

A carer, companion or personal assistant can book on behalf of a Hynt cardholder, however tickets can only be issued to the cardholder, who must show their photographic Hynt Card.

I look forward to meeting you.

Riverfront, Newport

Sleeping Beauty

This year’s family favourite pantomime at the Riverfront

Tuesday 4th December – Sunday 6th January 2019

Audio Described performance, Thursday 3rd January at 6.30pm. A free pre show touch tour at 5.30pm will help set the scene, ready for two fun filled hours of song, dance and drama for all the family!

Trouble is brewing at Newport Abbey. The Evil Dowager Aunt Draig (Lowri-Ann Richards) is searching for the missing Princess (Alice Rose Fletcher). Lord Griffin of Newport (Michael Geary) and his son the right honourable Dylan (Jack Ayres) with help from Mrs Midges the Housekeeper (Liam Tobin), Muddles the Gardener (Richard Elis) and Chortwood the mysterious Butler (Richard Nichols) make sure that true love wins out in the end.

The production contains flashing lights, loud music, loud bangs, strobe lighting, water and smoke.

To book your ticket, reserve a place on the Touch Tour and set aside an audio description headset, ready for the performance, you can call 01633 656679 or 01633 656757.

The website address is