Duration  of  residency: Spring  2019  –  Summer  2020

Closing  Date  for  Applications:  by  5pm,  20  January  2019

Interviews: 30  January  2019

About  The  Programme:     

DASH,  Arnolfini,  Middlesbrough  Institute  of  Modern  art  (MIMA)  and  Midlands  Art  Centre  (MAC)  are   working together  on  a  three-­year  programme  of  curatorial  commissions  providing  individual  residencies   for  three artists/curators  who  identify  as  Disabled  people.  

During the twelve month residency the successful candidate will receive mentoring support and work shadowing, working towards developing and delivering an agreed curatorial project right in the heart of MAC. The successful applicant will be offered:

  • Curator’s fee fixed at £12,000 
  • Curator’s expenses a maximum of £5,000 
  • £8,000 towards exhibition costs

For further information and details of how to apply:

DASH  has  been  working  with  galleries  and  arts  centres  in  England  and  Wales  since  2009  creating   opportunities  for  Deaf  and  Disabled  artists  to  exhibit  and  curate.  These  opportunities  have  significantly   advanced  the  careers  of  more  than  15  Deaf  and  Disabled  artists,  and  have  influenced  and  changed  the   thinking  of  a  number  of  key  people  in  these  galleries.      

However,  DASH  asserts  that  further  deep-­‐rooted  cultural  changes  must  be  made  within  the  visual  arts   sector  in  order  for  it  to  become  a  more  inclusive  and  accessible  artform.      

One  part  of  effecting  this  change  is  by  placing  Deaf  and  Disabled  people  in  positions  of  influence  within  the   visual  arts,  to  influence  change  from  within.  The  long-­‐term  aim  of  the  programme  is  to  support  the   development  of  Deaf  and  Disabled  curators,  so  they  can  become  the  directors/curators/programmers  of   the  future.    

The  curatorial  opportunities  at  MIMA  and  Arnolfini  (dates  to  be  confirmed)  will  be  announced  in  January   19,  interviews  in  April  19  and  the  curators  will  start  in  September  19.    

The  Role  

How  would  you  respond  to  the  challenge  of  curating  within  the  context  of  a  multi-­‐disciplinary  arts  centre?     Midlands  Arts  Centre  (MAC)  has  teamed  up  with  DASH  to  offer  a  unique  curatorial  residency  programme   for  an  artist/curator  who  self  identifies  as  a  Deaf  or  Disabled  person.    

The  Curatorial  Commission  Project,  the  first  of  its  kind  in  the  UK,  will  give  the  successful  candidate  the   opportunity  to  draw  upon  the  expertise  and  mentoring  of  specialist  curators  across  the  whole  of  MAC’s   artistic  spectrum.  The  successful  candidate  will  experience  the  day-­‐to-­‐day  business  of  running  a  creative   programme,  opportunity  to  contribute  to  the  development  of  a  dynamic  arts  organization  and  curate  a   major  public  exhibition.    

If  you  think  the  Curatorial  Commission  Project  sounds  exciting,  it  is.        

Recent  MAC  curated  seasons  of  work  such  as  ‘Women  &  Protest’  and  ‘Beyond  Windrush’  have  exhibited   major  new  commissioned  exhibitions,  alongside  performances,  music,  spoken  word,  film,  events  and   seminars  within  an  interwoven  disciplinary  structure  with  the  visual  arts  at  their  heart,  providing  a  holistic   visitor  experience.  

 If  you  think  you  have  compelling  ideas  that  can  be  developed  through  the  Curatorial  Commissions  Project   and  touch  peoples  lives,  whilst  MAC  and  DASH  support  you  to  develop  your  artistic  career  and  ideas,  we   want  to  hear  from  you.    

The  Package  

The  successful  candidate  will  be  expected  to  spend  a  minimum  of  one  working  week  a  month  at  MAC  throughout  the duration  of  the  residency  but  there  is  recognition  that  the  structure  of  this  will  be  as   flexible  as  possible.    

Divided  into  three  parts  the  Curatorial  Resident  will  spend  at  least:

  • 3  months  learning  about  the  practices  of  working  as  a  curator  within  MAC  
  • 3  months  developing  and  working  up  ideas  under  the  mentorship  of  Jessica  Litherland;  Producer  –   Visual  Arts  at  MAC  
  • 6  months  developing  and  delivering  an  agreed  curatorial  project  at  MAC

Both  MAC  and  DASH  are  committed  to  giving  the  highest  possible  training  opportunities,  support  and   professional development  pathways  within  the  Curatorial  Commissions  Project.     

The  successful  applicant  will  be  offered: 

  • Curator’s  fee  fixed  at  £12,000   
  • Curator’s  expenses  a  maximum  of  £5,000   
  • £8,000  towards  exhibition  costs   
  • A  minimum  of  5  days  a  month  based  at  MAC   
  • A  bespoke  curatorial  career  development  pathway  that  uses  your  talents  and  ideas  to  take  you   where  you  want  to  go  with  support  from  MAC  and  DASH     
  • The  opportunity  to  work  alongside  Deaf  and  Disabled  young  people’s  creative  projects  and  to  help   shape  the  overall  MAC  creative  programme  linked  to  the  residency  exhibition  
  • Access  requirements  will  be  supported  
  • Developing  and  supporting  fund  raising  skills  and  opportunities  throughout  the  residency  and   beyond  
  • The  creation  of  a  professional  portfolio    

What  The  Curatorial  Commission  Project  expects  of  the  successful  applicant  

The  Curatorial  Commissions  Project  exists  to  create  the  next  generation  of  incredible  curators  with  passion   and  talent at  their  core  –  these  are  the  driving  forces  behind  success  regardless  of  your  pathway  to  the   visual  arts.  

How  to  apply  

With  that  in  mind  there  is  no  insistence  on  applicants  having  followed  a  structured  academic  path  but   instead,  a  need  to  see  demonstrable  engagement  and  an  existing  body  of  work  that  showcases  that   passion  and  talent.   In  your  application  we  will  expect  to  see  a  proposal  that  shows:

  • A  commitment  to  5  days  per  month  on  site  at  MAC  in  Birmingham   
  • A  willingness  to  work  with  people  to  develop  skills  that  allow  you  to  be  the  conduit  between  artist   and  audience
  • Resilience  and  great  team  working  spirit
  • A  full  CV  or  equivalent   
  • Demonstration  of  your  current  and  previous  artistic  engagement,  exhibitions  or  work   

Maximum  of  4  sides  A4  in  your  proposal.  We  will  accept  applications  in  all  accessible  formats  including   audio  and video.    

Please  send  your  application  to:   Jessica  Litherland  (Visual  Arts  Producer  MAC)


For  more  information  contact  Jessica  Litherland  and/or Mike  Layward  (DASH  Artistic  Director)  




The Last Post Exhibition 12th – 30th November

An art exhibition of genuine letters of the first World War to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice

By Carrie Francis 
Opening Night 14th November at 6.30pm


Art in the Attic
The Robert Maskrey Gallery
The Factory, Welsh Hills Works
Jenkin Street
Porth CF39 9PP                    
Gallery Opening times Monday- Friday

For more info contact  
                                                                      Tel 01443 687080



Nyrsys – Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru

As this year sees the NHS turn 70, we take a look behind the scenes of a busy cancer ward in a hospital in Wales today, with a script and songs created from interviews with real nurses. This new play shines a light on nurses’ experiences — the challenges they face in their day-today work and the mischief, sisterhood and sense of vocation that sustains them. A heartfelt depiction of the life and work of these real-life heroes who care for us and our loved ones within a healthcare system that’s under perpetual strain.

This is a Welsh-language production. The Sibrwd app provides a live audio synopsis for non-Welsh speakers and Welsh beginners. Full information available here.

Age guidance: 11+

As this production is an integral part of the company’s exploration of the theme Care and Community, and comes at the end of a special year in the history of the National Health Service, a special offer is available of concession price or 10% off ticket price for all NHS staff. NHS staff are kindly asked to show their ID card and quote ‘NyrsysGIG’ when buying tickets.
On Tuesday 17 April, we presented the first public presentation of Nyrsys as a work in progress at Wales Millennium Centre, as part of their season ‘Performances for the Curious’.
Click here to see a video  promoting the BSL performances  on 17th November and 20th November :

Details of pre- and post-show talks along the tour:

Pontio, Bangor 06/11/2018:  18.30 Pre-show talk for Welsh learners, PL2  Post-show talk in the theatre.
Lyric, Carmarthen 09/11/2018:     Post-show talk in the theatre.
Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth 13/11/2018:    Post-show talk in the theatre.
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff 16/11/2018:   19.00 Pre-show talk for Welsh learners, meeting room. 
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff 17/11/2018:   19.30   BSL Interpreted performance.
Theatr Clwyd, Mold 20/11/2018:    18.30 Pre-show talk for Welsh learners, Haydn Rees room;   Post-show talk in the theatre.
Theatr Clwyd, Mold 21/11/2018  19.45   BSL Interpreted performance.
Borough Theatre, Abergavenny 27/11/2018:  18.30 Pre-show talk for Welsh learners, Council Chamber Room.
Mwldan, Cardigan 04/12/2018:   19.00 Pre-show talk for Welsh learners, Mwldan Café.
Galeri, Caernarfon 07/12/2018:    Post-show talk in the theatre

DAC 2018 Exhibition On The Edge – Theatr Clwyd 13th November – 1st December 2018

We are very excited to host the DAC annual Exhibition at Theatr Clwyd Mold in the coming weeks-  Please join us at the launch event on 14th November 2018 ( 6-8pm)





Image ‘On the Edge of Restoration’ – Cerys Knighton

DAC Presents…

On The Edge­_  2018 Open Exhibition

A collection of 27 artworks submitted by DAC members; consisting of D/deaf and disabled artists, or those living with long term physical and/or mental health

Venue: Theatr Clwyd, Mold

13th Nov – 1st Dec

For opening times see

Public event Weds 14th Nov 6pm–8pm





Culture Matters

Power Play

Mair De-Gare Pitt’s new collection of poems, with images by Jill Powell.

We are delighted that Jill Powell’s beautiful images have been included in this new collection of poems. It is published on high quality paper that shows the art work at its very best.

Power Play is available for purchase from Culture Matters. Or directly from Jill, price £8.

Here is an extract from the introduction by Jonathan Edwards –

“From its very first poem, its very first line, this collection focuses on the human and, through its brilliant lyricism, elevates the experiences it describes into something like beauty. The collection understands that the real way to political change is by moving people, by getting hold of their hearts, by writing memorably, and the poems do this again and again. Was there ever a more arresting opening line to a collection of poems than ‘Today I am wearing a child’s afternoon’?

In ‘Society,’ the collection opens out to explore a range of subjects. ‘A Minister of Health’ is a powerful poem of protest which reminded me of some of the political writing of Carol Ann Duffy, while ‘Voices from the Great Flood’ is a fabulously ambitious, multi-voiced poem. The collection concludes with a heartbreaking monologue about Grenfell which again shows this poet’s understanding of the importance of putting people front and centre.

This collection is wonderfully illustrated by Jill Powell, the images and poems now endorsing each other, now opening each other up to new possibilities. It’s a great thing to see a publisher putting together a sequence now of beautifully- written, wonderfully produced pamphlets, which seem to be doing something important and different in British poetry.”


Our #LetUsIn campaign will support our Shape Open exhibition ‘Cumulative Effect: Disability & the welfare state’ in East London. Typically, venues and galleries offering physical and intellectual access are rare. In fact, less than half the venues we viewed in London for the Open had no basic facilities such as accessible viewing spaces or even loos.

It’s time to change this.

Now in its seventh year, the annual Shape Open call out brings recognition to emerging disabled artists whilst highlighting the often contentious issues that surround the lived experience of disability.

In a society where whole swathes of people are one minute hailed as superheroes and the next decried as benefit scroungers, the Shape Open seeks to draw out authentic and talented artistic voices, as well as creating a platform for informed debate.  Artworks are selected by a panel of industry judges, including Shape Open patron Yinka Shonibare MBE.

Why is the Open important?

The art of disabled artists has often been sidelined. Galleries and museums have kept our works away for decades on grounds of ‘taste’, ‘cultural difference’, ‘appropriateness’, uncertainties about audience appeal, and countless other reasons. Here is a sample of what we face:  

“Did you make that yourself?”

“Is there a chance you might die during the residency?”

Alongside this kind of marginalisation is the fact that most arts venues and galleries offer the bare minimum in terms of physical and intellectual access. We say it’s time to change this.

How do I get involved?

With your support we can showcase the work of a new generation of disabled artists to a waiting world.  Your support is welcome in any of the following ways: 

Attend the exhibition – pop in, bring a friend, bring a crowd, bring everyone!
Share our #LetUsIn message with at least two other people or organisations
Support our crowdfunder campaign to keep our work resourced, and to prevent exciting new talent going to waste. Every pound you donate helps towards fair and equal access to the arts.
If 5,000 people can donate the cost of a cup of coffee, we can keep the Open running for another year. This covers installation and transportation of artworks, plus the booking of an accessible space.  

We want to see the works of talented disabled artists hosted in venues of every shape and size. 

If the work is good enough to be seen – it should be seen.

Help us to open up the arts to all. Help to #LetUsIn.

Follow Us on Twitter

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‘Cumulative Effect: Disability and the welfare state’

at Hoxton Arches, Arch 402, Cremer St, London E2 8HD

The exhibition will run from 2 November – 11 November 

10.00 – 18.00

If you have any access requirements, or would like this information in another format please contact Sara Dziadik at or 0207 424 7330.

Poetry Book out now for the 2017 Competition

New Poetry Book available now

It might seem like a long time coming, but finally we have put together the best of the poems on the theme of “Stronger Together” with some of the related artworks – some related by the poet, some by what looked good together. Denni Turp was kind enough to provide us with a Foreword.

There’s no charge for the iBook and you can read it on a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone. Just click the link beneath. 

If you don’t have an iDevices you can read it in PDF format on practically any device. To access the PDF version, click on the Cover Art below and you’ll be taken a page at where you can either download the pdf to your device or read it online. This download is for a web version at 4.2MB, so images are downsampled. There is a full resolution PDF available on request. It’s 37.9MB.

Cover Art for Stronger Together Book

We are happy to provide it in any alternative format to suit your access requirements, e.g. if you want a plan text version with no pictures, just ask

We hope you enjoy the book and are already thinking about you entries for poems based on this year’s exhibition theme ‘On the Edge…’


Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary

shapeartsThe 2019 Shape Arts Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary (ARMB), an annual award set up in memory of sculptor Adam Reynolds to support mid-career disabled artists, is now open for applications.

Now in its eleventh year, the ARMB offers this year’s successful recipient an award of £10,000 and an accompanying three-month residency with BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts, Gateshead from 4 March to 31 May 2019.

The Bursary provides an opportunity for disabled artists to develop their ideas and practice without pressure to deliver a particular outcome such as finished or exhibition-ready work. The recipient of the last ARMB was sculptor Terence Birch, whose residency with Pallant House Gallery and the University of Chichester took place from February to May 2018. Previous residencies have been hosted by Turner Contemporary, MargateThe V&A, LondonThe New Art Gallery, WalsallThe Bluecoat, LiverpoolCamden Arts Centre, London and Spike Island, Bristol.

The residency will also include developing and delivering public-facing activities with BALTIC and Shape, and showing work as part of the Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary Shortlist exhibition, in which all artists shortlisted for the award will be given the opportunity to participate.

Submissions deadline: 12 noon, 1 October 2018

To apply, please download and read the information pack and then complete the application form:

If you require information about this opportunity, please contact or 0207 424 7366 (voice)

Follow The Thread

Dyslexia Awareness Day

Thursday 4th October

Riverfront, Newport, NP20 1HG


Follow the Thread as we continue to bring awareness and understanding to the effervescent and sometimes obtuse world of dyslexia through making.

Dyslexia Awareness Day 4th October, Newport’s launch into Dyslexia Awareness Week 2018 – 6.30pm at the Riverfront Gallery.

This is a self funded event and a continuation of exploration and research into dyslexia – bringing awareness and support for those who think differently.

For more information please follow the thread below: