Media Course

Are you interested in media? A budding filmmaker? Would you like to get involved in supporting people to tell their story?

Are you interested in media? A budding filmmaker? Would you like to get involved in supporting people to tell their story?
If so, then Caniad is offering a unique opportunity to work with Eternal Media on our joint project.
We are offering a 20-day course covering, pre-production, production and post production stages of digital filmmaking. You will develop an understanding of creative use of sound, camera and post production techniques that you will be able to put into practice for making our own films.
In return we expect you to commit to attending the 20-day course, and to work withCaniad’s marketing group after the course to create community-based infomercials, and short films.
We are limited to 8-10 places on this exciting course, and we ask that you
have basic IT skills, be able to create a folder, rename it and duplicate it. you will also be comfortable to be filmed, as we will be making a short behind the scene film.
If you feel that this is an opportunity for you, please send in a short video introduction about yourself and why you should be on this course?
Please follow the link below to upload your video selfie by the 2nd of April 2018

Ydych chi’n ymddiddori yn y cyfryngau? Yn dymuno bod yn wneuthurwr ffilmiau? Hoffech chi gymryd rhan a chefnogi pobl i adrodd eu stori?

Os felly, yna mae Caniad yn cynnig cyfle unigryw i gydweithio gydag Eternal Media ar ein prosiect ar y cyd.
Rydym yn cynnig cwrs 20 diwrnod yn ymwneud â chyfnodau cyn-gynhyrchu, cynhyrchu ac ar ôl cynhyrchu er mwyn creu ffilmiau digidol. Byddwch yn dysgu am y defnydd creadigol o sain, camera thechnegau ar ôl cynhyrchu er mwyn
ichi eu rhoi ar waith er mwyn creu ein ffilmiau ein hunain.
Yn gyfnewid am hyn, rydym yn disgwyl ichi ymroi i fynychu’r cwrs 20 diwrnod ac i gydweithio gyda grŵp marchnata Caniad ar ôl y cwrs i greu hysbyseb wybodaeth yn y gymuned a ffilmiau byr.
Dim ond lle i 8 I 10 sydd ar y cwrs cyffrous hwn ac rydym yn gofyn fod gennych chi
sgiliau Technoleg Gwybodaeth sylfaenol i fedru creu ffolder, ei ailenwi a’i ddyblygu. Bydd hefyd gofyn ichi fod yn gyfforddus inni eich ffilmio chi gan y byddwn yn cynhyrchu ffilm fer y tu ôl i’r llenni.
Os ydych chi’n meddwl fod hyn yn gyfle delfrydol ichi, anfonwch gyflwyniad fideo byr amdanoch chi’ch hun a pam yr ydych yn teimlo y dylem ni gynnig lle ichi ar y cwrs?
Dilynwch y ddolen isod i uwch lwytho’r fideo ohonoch chi’ch hun am y 2il Ebrill 2018.


Locws International are pleased to announce the start of the new outreach programme for this year. 

We are proud to work in partnership with Adult Learning Wales to deliver accredited learning and exciting experiences packed with endless skills to the following community groups and organisations:

  • Gorseinon Social Centre – Adults with disabilities
  • EYST – Ethnic Youth Support Team
  • Toronto Place – Adults with disabilities
  • Bloom Project – Asylum seekers and refugees
  • CCS Communities For Work – Supporting re-employment
  • Crisis – Helping homeless individuals
  • SNAP Cymru – Young people with disabilities 
  • The Wallich – Helping homeless individuals

Each year the programme has proven to be a successful initiative giving people a vital opportunity to learn film/media skills, gain accreditations, personal confidence, and employability skills. 

Since 1999, LOCWS International’s educational, public art and outreach learning programmes have significantly encouraged and empowered people of the region to take an active part in the arts, with a key focus on accessibility and inclusion for all communities. We received the ‘Lord Mayor’s Ambassador Award’ in 2014 in recognition of our work and were commended for our “wide reach across all communities”.

The Undateables

Are you single and looking for love?

Undateables programmeDo you have a physical, sensory or other impairment, or a long term condition and want to meet the person of your dreams?

‘Betty’ are making a fourth run of the romantic, insightful and acclaimed documentary series ‘The Undateables’ for Channel 4.

Once again we will be following disabled people and those with a variety of conditions through the highs and lows of their quest to find love.  As with previous series we will explore and challenge some of the issues and barriers that are faced.

‘Betty’ will work with one or more introduction agencies that find matches for their clients across the UK, based on what has been specified by that client in terms of common interests, likes, dislikes, and location. ‘Betty’ will be closely involved with the matching process and work with the agencies who will seek to provide introductions with both disabled and non-disabled people.

If you would like the chance to meet your match and are interested in taking part get in touch with us on 020 7290 0223.  Alternatively you can email us at  [email protected]