RawFest is Back – 25-28 April

Wales’ only youth-led festival takes centre stage in Cardiff

RawFfest 25 – 28 April 2019

Created in 2016, RawFfest is a 4-day youth arts festival for Walestaking place in Wales Millennium Centre from 25 April – 28 April 2019. A fun and innovative festival, RawFfest is planned and programmed by young people for young people and offers an experience of the arts in its richest and rawest form.

The aim of the festival is to promote and support work from young artists and performers aged 14 to 25 by showcasing the best of youth arts today whilst providing pathways for young participants to develop. This includes involving young people from ethnic minorities, young people with disabilities, and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. RawFfest’sprogramme includes performances and workshops of fashion, photography, circus, street dance, rap, music, poetry slams, TV, radio, film, comics, theatre and a whole lot more.

All performances and exhibitions taking place at RawFfestwill be by young people (aged 14 – 25), with many masterclasses and workshops led by experts, emerging artists and some by young people themselves.

The festival is programmed by ‘PlaceMakers’, a team made up of a dozen diverse young people from a broad range of backgrounds who curate, plan, produce, event manage, fundraise, budget and market the festival each year. One of the festival’s goals isto empower young people by giving them a voice. It allows them to build on their self-confidence as well as leadership skills. It empowers young people and gives them a feeling that they are being heard, whatever their age or abilities. The opportunities and challenges the PlaceMakers face as part of creating a festival is an chance to build their skills in a positive collaborative environment.

Guiding the PlaceMakers is RawFfest’s Director, Ruth Garnault who said “The festival celebrates the amazing creativity of young people in Wales today. We are delighted to be presenting such a wide range of exciting activity. What makes RawFfest unique as a national festival is that young people are in the driving seat. For Wales to thrive, we think it’s important that young people’s voices are heard.”

The festival is training the next generation of arts leaders. Gweni Llwyd, who is a PlaceMaker and Visual Art Co-ordinator Intern with the festival said “Working with the festival has provided a fantastic opportunity for me to develop the skills and confidence needed to get a foot on the arts career ladder. It’s also been a great way to meet and get to know like-minded, brilliantly creative and inspirational people! It’s so important that the festival is youth-led as it gives young people a voice, allowing us to speak about the issues that young people are facing now, and how the arts can help. This has empowered me to feel that what I’m doing is important and that I can make a difference to the arts in Wales and further afield.”

The festival grew from a youth arts conference which resulted in young people expressing the need for an arts festival to champion the work of their generation. In 2016 RawFfestwas born with an inaugural festival in Newport, South Wales. The festival then travelled to Venue Cymru Llandudno in 2017.

This year RawFfest, which will take place on 25 – 28 April 2019, will visit the Welsh capital for the first time.

Tickets for RawFfest are now on sale.  Tickets cost £5 for the day, £10 for the day and evening, plus some weekend tickets at £20. Although RawFfestis aimed at young people, 14 – 25 years, it welcomes audience members of all ages through its doors throughout the long weekend.

Visit rawffest.wales for more info and booking.

Tuck at WMC

TUCK will run the 24th – 27th of October and 1st – 3rd of November in Ffresh at the WMC with captioned performances on the 1st and 3rd of November.

Touch tours availible on request each night before the show. Please request the tours in advance when you book through the WMC Box Office – 029 2063 6464
Tickets available here https://www.wmc.org.uk/en/whats-on/2018/tuck/performances

When Cardiff Drag legend, Patsy Thatcher decides she wants out for good, her framily discover truths nobody wants to face. Can the show go on without her?

Following their acclaimed co-production of Alun Saunders’ award-winning play, A Good Clean Heart, Neontopia return to Wales Millennium Centre with this brand new, exhilarating piece of bilingual theatre, set in the Cardiff Drag scene.

Tuck is a blend of comedy, sequins and sorrow, which will raise the roof using much-loved anthems and original songs… before smashing it back down to earth.

“This is fantastic theatre”
– The Reviews Hub (A Good Clean Heart)

Pan fo Patsy Thatcher, hoelen wyth byd Drag Caerdydd, yn penderfynu troi cefn ar ei gyrfa, mae’i ffrindiau’n wynebu gwirioneddau erchyll. Pa mor derfynnol fydd ei phenderfyniad?
Yn dilyn eu cyd-gynhyrchiad o ddrama Alun Saunders, A Good Clean Heart, daw Neontopia nôl i Ganolfan Mileniwm Cymru â’u cynhyrchiad sîcwin-tastig, amlieithog newydd, Tuck, wedi’i osod yng nghrombil sîn Drag y ddinas.
Mae Tuck yn gynhyrchiad llawn gorfoledd a galar fydd yn defnyddio anthemau cyfarwydd a chaneuon gwreiddiol i godi’r tô cyn ei chwalu’n ddeilchion.

“Dyma waith ffraeth ac atyniadol…sy’n sicr yn werth ei weld.”
– Lowri Hâf Cooke (A Good Clean Heart)

Media Course

Are you interested in media? A budding filmmaker? Would you like to get involved in supporting people to tell their story?

Are you interested in media? A budding filmmaker? Would you like to get involved in supporting people to tell their story?
If so, then Caniad is offering a unique opportunity to work with Eternal Media on our joint project.
We are offering a 20-day course covering, pre-production, production and post production stages of digital filmmaking. You will develop an understanding of creative use of sound, camera and post production techniques that you will be able to put into practice for making our own films.
In return we expect you to commit to attending the 20-day course, and to work withCaniad’s marketing group after the course to create community-based infomercials, and short films.
We are limited to 8-10 places on this exciting course, and we ask that you
have basic IT skills, be able to create a folder, rename it and duplicate it. you will also be comfortable to be filmed, as we will be making a short behind the scene film.
If you feel that this is an opportunity for you, please send in a short video introduction about yourself and why you should be on this course?
Please follow the link below to upload your video selfie by the 2nd of April 2018

Ydych chi’n ymddiddori yn y cyfryngau? Yn dymuno bod yn wneuthurwr ffilmiau? Hoffech chi gymryd rhan a chefnogi pobl i adrodd eu stori?

Os felly, yna mae Caniad yn cynnig cyfle unigryw i gydweithio gydag Eternal Media ar ein prosiect ar y cyd.
Rydym yn cynnig cwrs 20 diwrnod yn ymwneud â chyfnodau cyn-gynhyrchu, cynhyrchu ac ar ôl cynhyrchu er mwyn creu ffilmiau digidol. Byddwch yn dysgu am y defnydd creadigol o sain, camera thechnegau ar ôl cynhyrchu er mwyn
ichi eu rhoi ar waith er mwyn creu ein ffilmiau ein hunain.
Yn gyfnewid am hyn, rydym yn disgwyl ichi ymroi i fynychu’r cwrs 20 diwrnod ac i gydweithio gyda grŵp marchnata Caniad ar ôl y cwrs i greu hysbyseb wybodaeth yn y gymuned a ffilmiau byr.
Dim ond lle i 8 I 10 sydd ar y cwrs cyffrous hwn ac rydym yn gofyn fod gennych chi
sgiliau Technoleg Gwybodaeth sylfaenol i fedru creu ffolder, ei ailenwi a’i ddyblygu. Bydd hefyd gofyn ichi fod yn gyfforddus inni eich ffilmio chi gan y byddwn yn cynhyrchu ffilm fer y tu ôl i’r llenni.
Os ydych chi’n meddwl fod hyn yn gyfle delfrydol ichi, anfonwch gyflwyniad fideo byr amdanoch chi’ch hun a pam yr ydych yn teimlo y dylem ni gynnig lle ichi ar y cwrs?
Dilynwch y ddolen isod i uwch lwytho’r fideo ohonoch chi’ch hun am y 2il Ebrill 2018. tinyurl.com/caniads


Locws International are pleased to announce the start of the new outreach programme for this year. 

We are proud to work in partnership with Adult Learning Wales to deliver accredited learning and exciting experiences packed with endless skills to the following community groups and organisations:

  • Gorseinon Social Centre – Adults with disabilities
  • EYST – Ethnic Youth Support Team
  • Toronto Place – Adults with disabilities
  • Bloom Project – Asylum seekers and refugees
  • CCS Communities For Work – Supporting re-employment
  • Crisis – Helping homeless individuals
  • SNAP Cymru – Young people with disabilities 
  • The Wallich – Helping homeless individuals

Each year the programme has proven to be a successful initiative giving people a vital opportunity to learn film/media skills, gain accreditations, personal confidence, and employability skills. 

Since 1999, LOCWS International’s educational, public art and outreach learning programmes have significantly encouraged and empowered people of the region to take an active part in the arts, with a key focus on accessibility and inclusion for all communities. We received the ‘Lord Mayor’s Ambassador Award’ in 2014 in recognition of our work and were commended for our “wide reach across all communities”.