Episode 1 now on You Tube

HijinxWorking with Hijinx Theatre, Richard Newnham received an Unlimited Impact commission to create an online sitcom, Flatmates.

Richard and his writing partner Daniel Smith have created 5 short episodes and after a very successful screening at Porters in Cardiff, Flatmates can now be seen on You Tube –


A new episode will be available each week and are well worth a view. Flatmates is funny, well acted and produced and a great watch when you need 5 minutes to take your mind off your day and have a laugh.

WOW Film Festival 2016

WOW 20162016 Festival Opens on Thursday 10th March

About WOW

WOW has been celebrating the riches of world cinema since 2001, bringing an eclectic, intriguing, and moving selection of films from around the globe to cinemas across Wales.  WOW presents a selection of the very best in world cinema – and sometimes a film from Wales too.

We’re excited to offer WOW Film Festival goers the rare chance to see Paths of the Soul and Tharlo, two beautiful Tibetan films that provide a fascinating glimpse into a very different world.

The Tibetan plateau, with 46,000 glaciers, has the third largest concentration of ice after the south and north poles. It is the source of Asia’s six largest rivers and it influences the region’s life giving monsoons. In the Dalai Lama’s words, “This blue planet is our only home and Tibet is its roof. The Tibetan plateau needs to be protected, not just for Tibetans, but for the environmental health and sustainability of the entire world.”

So it seems entirely appropriate to feature another highlight of the 2016 WOW Film Festival, the inspirational and rousing climate activist documentary This Changes Everything & panel discussion alongside these two stunning films from Tibet.

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