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Dear All

As many of you are aware, we are currently working with Sid Madge of MaDHen to help us reinvigorate the Disability Arts Cymru brand.  As a result we are currently reviewing the way DAC engages with our stakeholders and how we come across in all forms of our communication (identity, website, printed materials, exhibitions, events) and we would like to know your thoughts on the following (please use as much room as you need) :-

What are your thoughts on our vision, mission and values:  please see below, as taken from our current Business Plan.  Do you think they’re still relevant today, or do they need updating?   If you believe them to be relevant, should we be refreshing the content?

Mission, vision and aims


Disability Arts Cymru’s vision is of: An arts sector in Wales that is fully inclusive for disabled and Deaf people in all respects and where the values of quality and excellence are inherent throughout that provision

Mission statement

Disability Arts Cymru is a disability-led organisation which believes that Disabled and Deaf people have an exciting and valuable contribution to make to the arts in Wales.  We are committed to working with individuals and organisations to celebrate the diversity of Disabled and Deaf people’s arts and culture, and develop equality across all art


  1. Enable Disabled and Deaf artists in Wales to fulfill their potential
  2. Raise the profile of Disabled and Deaf artists work.
  3. Promote and develop disabled and deaf artists as positive role models
  4. Develop creative partnerships to increase access and inclusion to the arts for disabled and deaf people, both as makers and audience.
  5. Assist arts providers throughout Wales in developing best practice in accessibility and inclusivity
  6. Develop new arts audiences in Wales.
  7. Engage with public bodies, statutory organizations and the third sector on strategic issues relating to disability and the arts
  8. Strive to achieve excellence and effectiveness throughout the organisation.

Brand DAC

I would be very grateful if you could complete this as soon as possible, and by 7/4/15 at the latest.

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