About Us

Disability Arts Cymru is a charity that works to put disabled and Deaf people at the heart of Wales’ arts scene, by breaking down the barriers that often make it harder or even impossible to take part.

We support and promote disabled artists and promote their work, work with arts companies and venues to make them more inclusive and accessible, and use the arts to challenge perceptions of disability.

We use and promote the ‘social model of disability’. This means that we believe that negative attitudes, exclusion and other obstacles are what disable us, and it is these factors that we must focus on changing, not our individual impairments.

Formed in 1982, we are the country’s lead organisation for disability arts. Disabled and deaf people lead our work, and their life experiences are at the centre of everything we do.

We’re a registered charity with a headquarters in Cardiff and staff located across Wales. We have members of the team dedicated to supporting different types of artist: performance, creative word, visual arts, community and youth, creative technologies and combined arts.

We want Wales to be a creative and equal country. Join us, and be part of making that a reality. 

For Artists

We support hundreds of artists who are DAC members, offering advice to new and established creatives and helping promote their work to a wider audience.

For Audiences

Everyone should be able to enjoy the arts, whether it’s seeing a painting, feeling a sculpture, or hearing music or through one of the many other ways we express ourselves.

By sharing our expertise with other arts organisations, we aim to make the arts available to everyone in Wales.

For organisations, partners and decision-makers

We work to ensure disability and access to the arts are central to the country’s arts services and events. We do this by providing advice and support to arts venues and other organisations, often working in partnership.

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