Captioned Theatre

Captioned theatre is a relatively new facility which effectively provides ‘subtitles’ for live performances.

The actors’ words and descriptions of sound effects appear on a display unit, usually positioned to one side of the stage. On a large stage there may be two display units, positioned each side of the stage.

The script is programmed into captioning equipment by a trained captioner, who works closely with the production team before the show, then operates the captions during the performance.

Captioning makes theatre accessible for many deafened and hard of hearing people, and has the potential to attract a whole new audience to the theatre.

It is now possible for theatres in Wales to hire captioning units, along with the services of a fully trained and experienced captioner. Please note that the provision of captioned theatre raises particular issues for marketing, box office and front of house staff, all of whom should be appropriately trained before captioned performances take place at the venue.

For further details please contact Disability Arts Cymru. Tel / Minicom 029 2055 1040 or [email protected]

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