Ashley Foundation Ceredigion Emerging Artist Bursaries

bandstandAshley Foundation Ceredigion Emerging Artist Bursaries

The awards are intended to assist the development of emerging artists in Ceredigion and consist of a £500 bursary plus a well publicised exhibition in Ceredigion. Six awards are available.

“Emerging artists” means those actively producing quality work but have not yet found the recognition they deserve. Artists must be resident in Ceredigion and may be active in any area of the visual arts. Undergraduate students are not eligible apart from those graduating in 2016.

Please apply to: Ceredigion Art Trail, C/O Mountain Hall Cottage, Sarnau, Llandysul, Ceredigion SA44 6QA or by email to [email protected]

including the following:

a 500 word statement giving your background and describing why you deserve an award.
your contact details
Five images of your work or link to online media.
Name of one referee
Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview and to show a portfolio of their work.

Closing date: 31st August 2016

We thank the Ashley Family Foundation for a grant enabling these awards. The grant is managed by the Community Foundation in Wales.


Opportunity for 14 – 25 yr olds

performanceYoung musicians, dancers, actors and writers will work in collaboration with the New Theatre, Arts Active, Earthfall Dance, Community Music Wales, Literature Wales and other experienced arts practitioners to create an experimental, genre-defying show.

Punctuated with routines from young performers at No Fit State Circus, and directed by the award-winning James Williams (Flown, Hitch, My Life in CIA), Performance promises to be a breath taking experience.

If you’re aged 14-25 and interested in performance – be it music, dance, spoken word or acting – then get involved. It’s free to participate.

Join us from the 1st to the 6th of August for an intensive week, working with industry professionals towards a performance on the New Theatre stage.

Training for Voluntary Sector Organisations

Three New Courses this Autumn

bestlogo226x200Presenting Financial Information –  11th October 2016, Cardiff, £120 (includes buffet lunch and certificate of attendance)

This course teaches some simple rules and methods to help you get your message across in a clear and effective way.

The course will cover how to improve your skills in relation to 3 main areas:

  • presenting reports at meetings
  • writing proposals
  • summarising data for funding bids

Legislation and Volunteer Management – 9th November, Bridgend, £100 (includes buffet lunch and certificate of attendance)

Volunteer involvement is essential to the effectiveness of charities and voluntary groups. There are huge benefits from recruiting and involving volunteers but alongside this come certain legal responsibilities and practical demands.

If you are a trustee, director or volunteer manager this course will benefit you in providing information and advice on this important topic. It will also provide opportunities for sharing concerns and good practice with other participants.

Finance and Risk Management – 23rd November, Bridgend £100 (includes buffet lunch and certificate of attendance)

All charities are required to have a reserves policy but it is impossible to establish a robust reserves policy without first assessing the financial risks faced by your organisation.

This course is designed to help you improve your knowledge and understanding of the concept of risk management in relation to financial controls. It looks at the relationship of risk management to policies and practices including the setting of reserves levels.

Multiple bookings receive a 10% discount on all additional bookings (the most expensive booking will be treated as the first booking)

For further information or to book a place on a course please contact Shirley David on 01646 651655 or email: [email protected]

Goodbye from Maggie

Dear Friends,

Logo smallWhere have the last 23 years gone? When I came to work for Disability Arts Cymru in 1993, we were still using typewriters and carbon paper, and even writing letters by hand! A single Amstrad computer lurked in the corner, but there was no internet. There was no legislation to protect the rights of disabled people, and making the arts accessible looked about as possible as flying to the moon for afternoon tea.


That seems like another world now – not only do we have broadband and smart phones, but access to the arts has changed phenomenally.  Disability Arts Cymru has been at the heart of helping to make that happen, and I am so proud to have been part of this wonderful team for all these years.


I’ve been involved in some fabulous projects and have worked with hundreds of disabled artists, arts organisations and voluntary sector organisations across the length and breadth of Wales – and what fun we have had!


I have really, really enjoyed working with you all; I’ve learned so much and been hugely inspired. Thank you so much for your friendship and support, I can’t tell you what it means to me.


My last day with DAC is next Friday 29th July; I am retiring but will probably be even busier than ever. You will no doubt still be bumping into me at theatres, galleries, workshops and festivals and I’ll look forward to seeing you there! Meanwhile, do keep in touch with the DAC team; there’s still plenty to do, and lots of exciting things on the horizon.


With warmest wishes, Maggie


g39Yn cynnwys ni? Does that include us?

does that include us? is a multi-artform programme of events presented by artists, facilitators and activists, some who identify as disabled and some who don’t.

For the first part of the season, 22 July – 25 August, you are invited to participate in social gatherings, performances, practical activities, conversations and debates. Through these activities we will find innovative and experimental ways to promote discussion around the subjects of access, inclusion, empathy and diversity within the arts and the wider community.

The second part of the season, 2 – 24 September, will be an exhibition of documentary material with an accompanying exhibition of the paintings of Sargy Mann.

More information for individual events and amendments to the timetable, will be published here throughout the programme.

This programme has been curated by Gail Howard as part of the Tu Fewn project.

All events are free and wheelchair accessible; please contact [email protected] for more information about any specific access requirements, and we will endeavour to meet them wherever possible.
Unless stated, it is not necessary to book to attend events.

Wed 27 & Thurs 28 July,
Wed 17 & Thurs 18 Aug

Moment(o)s of Leaving 1—5pm
Moment(o)s of Leaving: Stage 1, an inclusive, immersive performance at  Whitchurch Mental Hospital took place in early 2016, and the project now moves into  Stage 2 as  an experimental, performative installation, revealing nooks and crannies discovered whilst working on site at the hospital, join Elaine Paton and the team for a cup of tea and a chat.

Wed 27 July
Mab Jones and Jonny Giles advance creative writing workshop — The Empath & The Activist 6—9pm

Taking inspiration from archetypes such as the Enneagram and the Tarot, Mab and Jonny will looks at ways and means of writing both the personal and the political. This is a workshop for writers who have some experience of writing already – applications for a place may be made to poet and facilitator Mab Jones [email protected]

Thurs 28 July
Moment(o)s of Leaving 1—5pm
Moment(o)s of Leaving: Stage 1, an inclusive, immersive performance at  Whitchurch Mental Hospital took place in early 2016, and the project now moves into  Stage 2 as  an experimental, performative installation, revealing nooks and crannies discovered whilst working on site at the hospital, join Elaine Paton and the team for a cup of tea and a chat.

Fri 29 July
Gathering #1: Empathy 11—4.30pm
Artist and performer Jonny Cotsen ‘Imagine you are walking through a  park, you are looking at a baby in a pushchair crying, an elderly couple talking on a bench, the wind blowing the leaves in the trees, a dog barking, a group of teenagers playing football, a couple having a tearful argument, a person on a bike, another on the phone…then imagine all those unique individual sounds as a single hum. This is my world as a deaf person, this has been my life…trapped.’
Jonny Cotsen’s current work, as a facilitator and teacher, supports and enables deaf and disabled people to access the arts through education and engagement. Through performance, conversation and play, Jonny will encourage visitors to engage in an empathic experience,  accessing the world through a deaf person’s eyes and ears. All welcome. BSL translated. Lunch provided. Book via [email protected]

Words Allowed 7:30—10:30pm
Mab Jones Join Mab Jones and selected special guests for an illicit slice of spoken word. Expect poems of a dark nature, direct from the soul’s soil, and dealing with themes related to mental health, dreams, feminism, activism, mythology, and more. Mab will be reading from her new award-winning collection, take your experience and peel it. Book via [email protected]

Wed 3 Aug
Gathering #2: Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes 12—4pm
A student member of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association, Rosie will be leading a mouth painting session and a conversation around the subject of access; she will also be reading from her autobiography Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes. This gathering is suitable for ages 8+ but children  must be accompanied by an adult. Lunch provided
Book via [email protected]

Workshop — Find Your Voice 7—10pm
Folk singer Frankie Armstrong explores the potential within our voices. Book via [email protected]

Thursday 4 Aug
Gathering #3: Margins and the
Mainstream 5—6.30pm

Sara Beer and Paul Whittaker Performer Sara Beer of Disability Art Cymru and film maker Paul Whittaker discuss the need (or otherwise) for there to still be a disability arts movement;  how can galleries and arts organisations address the space between the margins and the mainstreams and how can artists assume agency or control within the existing power structures? refreshments provided.

Fri 5 Aug
Gathering #4: Creativity vs Accessibility, Inclusive by Design

Session led by visually impaired young people Megan John and Mared Jarmen of UCAN.
UCAN Productions is an arts based organization for Blind and Partially Sighted young people and their friends, they focus on developing vocal and physical confidence through drama, music and having fun.
Mared Jarman and Megan John are founder members of UCAN Productions, and as visually impaired young women believe in creatively embedding accessibility into the core right from the very beginning.
During this session, Mared and Megan will be exploring new and fun ways of making accessibility sexy and interesting. ‘It doesn’t always have to be an expensive and inconvenient last minute add on.’
To find out more about them and the work UCAN do please visit .
Book via [email protected]

I went mental and all I got was this lousy tee shirt 6pm
Performance and Q&A with The Vacuum Cleaner
Over the last 10 years artist and activist collective of one, the vacuum cleaner, has become semi-notorious for his acts of street brandalism, performance interventions and online pranks. Yet during this time he has also battled with severe mental illnesses and over the last two years this has become the focus of his work (and life). In this informal presentation he presents recent, current and future projects that have blended his practice with radical approaches to his own and others neurodiversity and mental health.

 Sat 6 August

ARENA 11.30am ‘Justice’
The Arena is a free speaking, expression of opinion and thought, ‘Speakers Corner’ style over four Saturday mornings .There will be an opportunity to stand in the arena and talk or perform upon any subject you wish, with four loose themes to each Saturday; the first is ‘Truth’ the second ‘Justice’ the third  ‘Beauty’ and the last ‘Freedom’. Participants can speak or perform, expressing their thoughts and opinions in an open environment and speaking in any manner or style they choose. Freedom of expression and thought is of paramount importance in a healthy society, and speakers and listeners are encouraged to consider this within the Arena     “To speak his thoughts is every freeman’s right” Homer.
Contact Dai Howell for info [email protected]

Workshop — Pavane 2—4pm
Jonny Cotsen
Exploring Acoustics from the medieval to the baroque.
Working with the performer and deaf facilitator Jonny Cotsen, music ensemble Pavane have devised a workshop with facilitator Jonny Cotsen which will look at ways for deaf people and people with hearing loss to experience music. This workshop is also for hearing people, and is open to all.

Thurs 11 Aug
JUKE spoken word event 7—11pm

This is a special one-off JUKE event which is part of the Tu Fewn Programme taking place over the months of July, August and September in the art gallery G39.

The project wants to explore ideas such as physical environment, invisible barriers and access, in light of this the chosen theme for JUKE is ‘otherness’. This event will have two feature acts as well as an open mic section where anyone can come up to the mic and share their work.

We have all experienced being othered in some shape or form, perhaps in a group or as an individual, however, we also other people ourselves in ways that we don’t always recognise. This event asks you to write about your own personal understanding of ‘otherness’ as well as perhaps how it works outside of yourself such as in society.
The two feature artists are:
Sara Annwyl and Patrick Jones

Fri 12 Aug
1FootSq 12—5pm
Create present an immersive multi sensory experience exploring notions of identity followed by a performance at 6pm

This immersive, multi sensory experience gives you the chance to uncover the truths that we keep locked away.
1ft2 was born from the UCAN Create project; an exciting collaboration between UCAN Productions and yello brick.  From new digital practices to theatre in unusual spaces, UCAN Create offers young people new ways of thinking creatively about how to  produce their own unique work.  During this 5 minute experience 1ft2 encapsulates aspects of all creative practises from scent and sound based experiences to digital work and multi-narrative worlds.
Don’t miss the chance to snoop and pry through others lives.  Discover what secrets are hiding behind locked doors.
A Practical Theatrical End to Hate

Performance by Mr and Mrs Clark
Mr and Mrs Clark present their unique brand of physical theatre, inviting the audience to assist them in bringing an end to hate.

Sat 13 Aug
ARENA 11.30am
The Arena is a free speaking, expression of opinion and thought, ‘Speakers Corner’ style over four Saturday mornings with Dai Howell. SEE ABOVE EVENT

Sat 13 Aug
Workshop — Accessing Music
Charlotte White
Paraorchestra musician Charlotte White delivers a workshop and performance using a variety of digital and analogue instruments, for people of all ages with sensory and physical impairments, but not exclusively. Charlotte will also give a short performance playing a Lynnstrument.

Wed 17 & Thurs 18 Aug
Moment(o)s of Leaving 1—5pm
Moment(o)s of Leaving: Stage 1, an inclusive, immersive performance at  Whitchurch Mental Hospital took place in early 2016, and the project now moves into  Stage 2 as  an experimental, performative installation, revealing nooks and crannies discovered whilst working on site at the hospital, join Elaine Paton and the team for a cup of tea and a chat.

Fri 19 Aug, Sat 20 Aug
Workshop — Department of Ability
The DoA
Inspired by an absence of superheros for children with disabilities to identify with, the Department of Ability has created a series of comic strip superheroes who use their disabilities as superpowers. Join them to create your own comic strip with a difference. Suitable for all ages, children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Fri 19 Aug, Sat 20 Aug
Workshop — PhotoRenga 11am—5pm

Facilitated by David Sinden and Kate Woodward
PhotoRenga are photo poems inspired by an ancient form of Japanese poetry in which sequences of haiku construct complex and profound verse. The aim of the PhotoRenga is to produce a series of short, multi-author rengas using images created on the day.A group will start from the g39 space, splitting up and taking photographs. After reviewing the images, one image from each person’s camera is chosen and passed on to another in the group. This image is used as the source or inspiration to produce a new set of photographs from which one image is selected… and so on…
2 workshops: 19 August for people with brain injuries and on 20 August is aworkshop open to all
Lunch provided. Booking essential via [email protected]

Thurs 25 Aug
Me and My Friends 8pm onwards
Live music plus support from Afro—Folk outfit Me & My Friends.
With surtitles


Tu Fewn PhotoRenga Photography Workshops

Tu-fewn LOGOPhotoRenga – Photography Workshops

At G39 in Cardiff as part of the Tu Fewn festival in conjunction with Disability Arts Cymru and DASH – 19th and 20th August  

The workshop on Friday 19 August will be open to anyone who has had a brain injury.

The workshop on Saturday 20 August will be open to anyone!

The PhotoRenga workshops are open to six people with an adventurous spirit on each day.  Participants will start from g39, split up and take photographs on various themes. After reviewing the images, one image from each person’s camera will be chosen and passed on to another in the group. This image will be used as the source or inspiration to produce a new set of photographs from which one image will be selected and so on… By the end of the day, we will have created a series of collective PhotoRengas.

Participants will just need a digital camera, clothing to cope with whatever the weather throws at us and a willingness to share and create!

Sign up by emailing [email protected]

PhotoRenga are inspired by an ancient form of Japanese poetry, in which sequences of haiku construct complex and profound poems. The aim of the PhotoRenga project is to produce a series of short, collective visual rengas using photography.

The project began when members of the Cardiff & Vale Brain Injury Group produced PhotoRengas in an ongoing workshop programme started in 2010.

To date the one-day PhotoRenga workshops have been hosted by Ffotogallery in Penarth and the Hanbury Road Gallery in Bargoed. The PhotoRengas will be produced in an eBook and as an exhibition in the future.



Learning Disability Wales

Our Rights Our Voice

Learning Disability WalesTrainers wanted for new project raising awareness of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities

Our Rights Our Voice is a project run by Learning Disability Wales in partnership with All Wales People First.

The project will develop new resources and the skills of people with a learning disability, and work in partnership to raise awareness of their rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

Our Rights Our Voice will run until March 2019, during this time we will work across Wales to:

  • consult with people with a learning disability
  • develop Awareness Raising sessions
  • deliver Train the Trainer training to people with a learning disability
  • develop partnerships to deliver Awareness Raising sessions to people with a learning disability.

We are currently looking for people or organisations interested in developing resources and delivering Train the Trainer training.

If you are interested please contact [email protected] or [email protected] , or download further information and an application form from this page.

Later in the summer we will be providing more information about becoming a partner in the project where your group will get:

  • free Train the Trainer training
  • free resources to deliver Awareness Raising sessions.

Our Rights Our Voice is part of Learning Disability Wales’ Valued Lives project.

Deadline 1st September 2016

Disability Arts Cymru – Poetry Comp

DAC Poetry Competition

Logo small

We invite you to submit work that is in response to the theme of Austerity and/or Extravagance


The competition follows the same theme as this year’s DAC annual exhibition. If you would like to use the exhibition for inspiration you can view the work at:

 There will be two prizes of £50 awarded and selected poems will be part of an e-publication

The Judges are Dominic Williams and Sian Northey

You can enter via post or email, all the details of the competition can be found on our website

For more info and entry criteria – CLICK HERE

Drama Association of Wales

RSC Amateur weekendBig Amateur Weekend

Become an RSC actor for the weekend and experience how our performers and directors prepare and rehearse for the stage.

Develop your performance and directing skills through a series of workshops, masterclasses and unique backstage insights, tailor made for amateur theatre makers on 5 and 6 November 2016.
The weekend includes workshops on voice and text, movement, acting and directing led by RSC practitioners and leading industry professionals, plus a masterclass led by an RSC director, a backstage tour, buffet lunches and a ticket to the RSC’s production of The Two Noble Kinsmen, in the Swan Theatre.
In 2016 84 amateur theatre makers became part of the RSC’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream  come and experience just a little of what it feels like to be part of one of the most famous theatre companies in the world
“This weekend was all I hoped it would be and more. The quality of the workshops was outstanding” – 2015 particpant

Find out more