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Artists Surgeries, Facebook and more from the wilds of West Wales.

It`s been all go here in the wilds of West Wales. I`ve been in post for just over 6 months now and I`ve met lots of interesting artists, made contact with several West Wales organisations and even spawned a few new networks. One of the ways I`ve been able to meet both existing and new Disability Arts Cymru members is by offering Artists Surgeries. These are open to any disabled person is the West Wales area who is interested in any artform whatsoever. You could be a beginner wanting to further your development, an experienced artist looking for funding or publishing, you might want to discuss setting up a local group or an online network. There`s no set formula and if you prefer we can meet online, use email, phones or whatever suits your needs. If you think you might like to attend a surgery – either face to face or remotely – then please contact me – [email protected] or 01570 493356/ 07799884835. Once I have a few interested artists in an area I will then set a date that all can attend.

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Rubbish performed at the West Wales Launch

Rubbish performed at the West Wales Launch