Helfa Gelf

Mannau Coll / Lost Spaces

lost spacesHelfa Gelf is working in partnership with Mostyn Estates, MOSTYN gallery,Venue Cymru, CAIS and Cartrefi Conwy on a brand new three year program of arts and cultural activities based in  Llandudno.

The Program is called ” Mannau Coll  | Lost Spaces”.Our vision is to take Llandudno and its “Lost Spaces”, disused /derelict buildings and plots of land and through thought provoking and exciting programming develop discussion which will ultimately lead to them being reimagined and revitalized in a way that benefits all.

Our first large scale community project is starting now and we would love to get as many people as possible involved!

Marinella Senatore is an Italian artist , who works internationally on large scale interventions. She will be developing a project about Llandudno in 2015 and is looking for locally based groups and individuals who want to be part of making 7 short films based on 7 short stories.
We will need people who want to write, act, dance, make music and make films, sets ,costumes or who want to learn these about these skills !

If you are interested in joining  and for further information please go to http://www.cultureactionllandudno.co.uk
or email info@cultureactionllandudno.co.uk or respond to this e-mail.