WalesOnline’s 100 Greatest Welsh Women of all time

Massive congratulations to @DACymru members Rosie Moriarty-Simmonds and Beverley Lennon for featuring in @WalesOnline’s 100 Greatest Welsh Women of all time. DAC are incredibly proud to be associated with such outstanding women

Rosie Moriarty –Simmonds is a long standing member of DAC.  She is a superb ambassador for all matters related to disability and has been a terrific campaigner for disability rights and for disabled people in general.  Rosie‘s work has been included in DAC’s annual open exhibitions and she was a cast member in the USS production of  Birds at the Sherman Theatre.

“I’ve embraced life wholeheartedly and, despite the circumstances, I’ve achieved an awful lot. Who knows whether I would have gone to university or been a feisty campaigner for disability rights, if I hadn’t been disabled?”

‘Rosie runs her own business, has written her memoir, became a mother and works as an artist.

Producers of Call the Midwife used her biography for inspiration after she wrote to demand the BBC drama tackled the subject of those affected by thalidomide.’


Beverley Lennon is one of our newer members.  She has recently submitted a poem in response to our call out for poetry dealing with experiences around mental health and that work has been included in our poetry anthology ‘ Out of sight- Allan o’r Golwg’  which will be launched on 31st March 2108 at an event in Colwyn Bay.


‘Beverley moved to Wales from Brixton in 1987 after literally sticking a pin in a map in search of somewhere to start a new life.

She never imagined she’d become the first black female Welsh teacher in Cardiff.’


See the full article here

Clocking Off


Parade through Bute Park and retirement gift giving: Sat  14th of April 2pm


‘Clocking Off’  is a commemorative parade for the working guide dog, devised and organised by artist and researcher Kathryn Ashill. The aim of this work is to honour the working life of the guide dog and to celebrate the work the dogs do for the wellbeing of humans.


What we will be doing?

A parade through Bute park with the guide dogs  and a gift presentation to thank the dogs.


 Sat 14th April 2pm

Contact       Kathryn Ashill

Thanks for taking the time to consider this and hope you can take part.

Processions – Cardiff 10th June 2018

You are invited to play your part in PROCESSIONS – one of the largest participatory artworks ever created.

Produced by Artichoke and commissioned by 14-18 NOW, the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary, PROCESSIONS will commemorate 100 years since the first women in the UK won the vote.

On Sunday 10th June 2018, thousands of women and girls, those who identify as women and non-binary individuals, will form four epic processions in the four political capitals of the UK – Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London. Given green, white or violet to wear, the colours of the suffrage movement whose initials stood for “Give Women Votes”, they will together create waves of colour as they celebrate the centenary of women’s suffrage.
In the months leading up to PROCESSIONS, artists, charities, networks, groups and individuals from across the UK are invited to come together to design and make banners, pennants and flags that express the lives, ideas and hopes of women in the 21st century – banners to carry with them on 10th June.

PROCESSIONS will be a living portrait of women and girls in the 21st century. Capturing the spirit of the moment, it will commemorate the past, celebrate the present and look to the future. 
As women continue to win more power and opportunity in contemporary society, we invite you to come and help us put women centre-stage in a joyful, inclusive celebration that will be remembered for years to come. 
Please visit to register to attend PROCESSIONS and for more information.

Swyddog Rhanbarthol, Gogledd Orllewin Cymru


Swyddog Rhanbarthol, Gogledd Orllewin Cymru

Cyflog: £23,460 y flwyddyn (£11,730 pro rata)

Oriau: 17.5 yr wythnos



Mae Celfyddydau Anabledd Cymru yn chwilio am Swyddog Datblygu Rhanbarthol llawn cymhelliant i ehangu effaith ein gwaith yng Ngogledd Cymru, a sefydlu a datblygu rhaglenni a rhwydweithiau celfyddydau anabledd ar draws y rhanbarth.  Bydd yr ymgeisydd llwyddiannus yn canolbwyntio ar ardaloedd Conwy, Gwynedd ac Ynys Môn, a bydd ef neu hi yn rhannu cyfrifoldeb am Ogledd Powys.


Rydym yn credu mewn … agor mynediad a chyfleoedd, dathlu amrywiaeth, meithrin egin-ymarferwyr ac ymarferwyr anabl o safon uchel sydd wedi hen ennill eu plwyf, ac ysbrydoli newid trwy Gymru gyfan.

Mae ein gweledigaeth yn un syml: i wneud y celfyddydau yng Nghymru’n gwbl greadigol ac amrywiol, gyda Phobl Anabl a Phobl Fyddar wrth galon y gwaith yma. 


Dyddiad cau ar gyfer anfon ceisiadau: 5 y.h, 12fed Ebrill 2018

Cyfweliadau: 23 neu 24 Mai 2018 


I wneud cais, e-bostiwch:

Rhif ffôn: 02920 551 040 –

Traces Trial / Treial Olion

What it’s all about?

We are looking for people to come and experience Traces Olion, at St Fagans National Museum of History. It’s a site-specific storytelling app produced by yello brick in collaboration with National Museum Wales and Cardiff University. We’re interested in finding out what you think about the project, so we can measure the impact it has had.

What We Need You To Do

We will need you to come to St Fagans, try the app, and answer a few questions about your experience. This will take about 90 minutes.

We can offer £25 to cover your time and travel expenses.

We have a limited number of places available.

Sessions are available on the following dates:

  • Friday 9th March
  • Saturday 10th March
  • Sunday 11th March

How do I get involved?

If you’d like to attend a session, please register below.
Each time slot is for two people, which means that on the day, you might be asked to use the app alone or be partnered with another participant.
If after registering you realise that you cannot attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can allocate your space to someone else.


Dementia Friendly Denbigh – First Public Meetings

What are we trying to create?

A Dementia Friendly Community is a city, town or village that has been recognised for understanding, respecting and supporting those living with Dementia.
Did you know that at any one time 1 in 14 people over the age of 65 are living with dementia? It is likely that we all know or will know someone living with dementia at some point in our lives.
Community members in Denbigh have been working hard to help Denbigh gain recognition as a Dementia Friendly Community. The first public meetings will be held on January 31st at 2pm and 6pm – the meeting should last no more than an hour. The aim is to explain what a Dementia Friendly Community is and how Denbigh residents can get involved. 
Please come along and find out more with speakers including Jo Lane, North Wales Dementia Friendly Communities Coordinator from the Alzheimer’s Society and Lucie Williams, Secretary of Abergele Dementia Friendly Community
In addition we are still trying to make contact with people living with dementia who may wish to be part of the public meeting or maybe write something about their experience which could be read out at the meeting. If you know anyone that may be interested please get in touch with Rebecca Bowcott from Age Connects – Age Connects North Wales Central Telephone: 01745 508627
E-mail –

Beth rydym ni’n ceisio ei greu?

Cymuned Gyfeillgar Dementia yw dinas, tref neu bentref sydd wedi cael eu cydnabod i fod yn deall, parchu a chefnogi’r rhai sy’n byw gyda Dementia.
A oeddech chi’n gwybod bod 1 allan o 14 person sydd dros 65 oed yn byw gyda dementia? Mae’n debyg ein bod i gyd eisoes yn adnabod rhywun neu yn debygol o ddod i adnabod rhywun sydd yn byw gyda dementia rhywbryd yn ein bywydau.
Mae aelodau’r gymuned yn Ninbych wedi bod yn gweithio’n galed i helpu’r dref i ennill cydnabyddiaeth fel Cymuned Gyfeillgar Dementia. Cynhelir y cyfarfodydd cyhoeddus cyntaf ar Ionawr 31ain am 2pm a 6pm – ni ddylai’r cyfarfod barhau mwy nag awr. Y nod yw egluro beth yw Cymuned Gyfeillgar Dementia a sut y gall trigolion Dinbych gymryd rhan. Gweler y poster a thaflen wybodaeth ynghlwm.
Dewch draw i dderbyn mwy o wybodaeth gan ein siaradwyr, gan gynnwys Jo Lane, Cydlynydd Cymunedau Cyfeillgar Dementia Gogledd Cymru o Gymdeithas Alzheimer a Lucie Williams, Ysgrifennydd Cymuned Gyfeillgar Dementia Abergele.
Rydym hefyd yn dal i geisio cysylltu â phobl sy’n byw gyda dementia a allai fod yn rhan o’r cyfarfod cyhoeddus neu efallai ysgrifennu rhywbeth am eu profiad y gellid ei ddarllen allan yn y cyfarfod. Os ydych chi’n adnabod unrhyw un sydd â diddordeb, cysylltwch â Rebecca Bowcott, Age Connects – Age Connects Gogledd Cymru Ffôn: 01745 508627 E-bost –
A fyddech cystal â dosbarthu’r wybodaeth lle bo hynny’n briodol?


Teimlo Llais (feeling voice)

black_quilt-resizedThis is a women’s art project of sound and touch – suitable for visually impaired people. It is exhibiting in Cardiff in April and in Cardigan in September.

It developed out of a research project in 2016 called Llais Menywod (women’s voice) when we discovered a technology to activate sound through touch called Bare Conductive.

I would be really grateful for an interest in participating or giving me feedback.

Mae’n brosiect celf ar gyfer menywod am gyffwrdd a sain – addas i bobl nam golwg. Bydd e’n arddangos yng Nghaerdydd ym mis Ebrill ac yn Aberteifi ym mis Medi.

Mae wedi datblygu o’r prosiect ymchwil yn 2016 o’r enw Llais Menywod pan yn ni wedi darganfod technoleg i actifadu sain trwy’r gyffwrdd o’r enw Bare Conductive.

Bydda i’n ddiolchgar iawn os unrhywun cael diddordeb yn rhannu neu roi fi adborth.


penny d jones


textured quilt/ clytwaith gwead

Heart n Soul

The Fish Police Are Back!


The Fish Police are back with their brand new single Cactus taken from the upcoming EP Edge Myself to the Middle!

The Independent has described it as: “Joyful in its simplicity, a funk guitar line, glitching synth and 808 drums sitting under frontman Dean Rodney Jr.’s matter-of-fact, resolute vocals suffused with positivity.”  Read the full review and listen to the track here!

The band are launching the new EP at South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas! But they need your need help to get there, to support this adventure, donate here.

To keep up to date with what’s happening at The Fish Police HQ, follow us on FacebookTwitterand Instagram

Heart n Soul | The Albany | Douglas Way | London | SE8 4AG |

Disability Arts Cymru


Galwad Agored – Ceisiadau Delweddau Symudol  

Dyddiad cau – 5pm Dydd Llun 12 Mawrth


Partner yr Oriel – Mission Gallery (Abertawe) –

Fformat – MP4 trwy Yriant USB (gellir trosglwyddo ceisiadau drwy’r cwmwl os gofynnwch)

Uchafswm yr hyd – 3 mun

Hoffai Celfyddydau Anabledd Cymru wahodd unigolion i anfon ceisiadau ar gyfer ‘arddangosfa delweddau symudol DAC’ yn Oriel Mission (Abertawe): Bydd y gwaith yn cael ei arddangos yn Oriel Mission rhwng 24/3/2018 a 29/4/2018 yn y gofodau [ …] a Maker in Focus.

Mae hyn yn gyfle gwych i wneuthurwyr ffilmiau newydd ddangos eu gwaith mewn lleoliad cyhoeddus, neu i greadigwyr mwy sefydledig dreialu gwaith sy’n mynd rhagddo. Mae gan DAC ddiddordeb mawr mewn dysgu drwy ymarfer ac mewn rôl trafodaethau cyhoeddus wrth ddatblygu a lledaenu canlyniadau creadigol.

Dim ond aelodau DAC sydd yn gallu manteisio o’r cyfle hwn: Mae aelodaeth am ddim ar hyn o bryd i unrhyw un sydd ag anghenion ychwanegol oherwydd cyflwr iechyd meddwl a / neu gorfforol hirdymor.

Cofiwch gysylltu os ydych chi eisiau rhagor o wybodaeth am ddod yn aelod.
Fel y prif sefydliad ar gyfer anabledd a’r celfyddydau yng Nghymru, mae gan DAC 35 mlynedd o brofiad mewn darparu ystod o gefnogaeth artistig a chyngor creadigol; rhaglenni hyfforddiant arbenigol (Hyfforddiant Cydraddoldeb Anabledd a Chymorth Cyntaf Iechyd Meddwl); a chyfleoedd datblygu proffesiynol i’n haelodau. Rydym yn cefnogi tua 400 o ymarferwyr creadigol ar hyn o bryd, sy’n gweithio ar draws Cymru.